Ejaculation of the wicked

by Torture Division

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We are Torture Division. We are an army of three. We are the world’s best death metal band, simply put. Lord K Philipson and Tobben Gustafsson decided that not starting a band together with Jörgen Sandström would be stupid. Upon being asked, Jörgen accepted the invitation and the band was born in the end of 2007. With over 60 years (and counting) of combined death metal experience you understand that we know what we do, we love what we do and that we will keep on doing it until the end of days. Or at least for as many years as we find the inspiration for it. Which quite possibly might be when the end of days arrive. So, in short… Torture Division is the world’s best death metal. And we have the merch saying so too. It might be sold out though.


released June 6, 2009



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Torture Division Sweden

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